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Abstract Paintings

Added by oasterposy 24 Apr 2009 (address: )

Love abstract art? Great! Check out the thousands of pieces of available abstract art. Choose from abstract expressionism, fine art, decorative abstract, abstract botanical, and much more. More...


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Abstract Paintings

Added by scoot3tom 28 Mar 2010 (address: )

Abstract paintings and abstract oil painting reproductions of fine art from famous abstract artists. All are hand painted in oils. More...


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Art Galleries

Added by steeledf 24 May 2010 (address: )

Buy, sell, and research Fine & Decorative Art online. More...


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Gustavo Ramos Rivera Paintings: Eternidades del instante

Added by MSL89 27 Oct 2006 (address: )

An overview and a few images of the recent San Jose Museum of Art show of Rivera's abstract paintings. More...


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Modern Art

Added by alferdo 28 Jan 2010 (address: )

Site exhibits the natural talent from Monika Heckenbach for abstract art and modern art with many beautiful oil paintings. More...


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Richard Freeman: Portrait website

Added by Waki 15 Sep 2006 (address: )

This San Francisco painter exhibits at Paul K restaurant. His website has an inventory of all his paintings and works on paper including portraits of animals. Abstract works are also available and very reasonably priced around $500-$600, larger works are around $1200, and are mostly acrylic on canvas. More...


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