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Added by chris 2 Oct 2006 (address: ) is an online community fostering conversations about how people are using spirtuality to benefit their work lives and workplaces. Blogs, articles, discussion forums on how to take your whole self to work. More...


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Added by Kay404 2 Apr 2007 (address: )

An amazingly open and diverse website that provides articles and discussion forums on any and all forms of spirituality and religion. I’m a volunteer host for the shamanism forum, but there are forums for all the major branches of each major religion, and for dozens of more obscure religions and spiritual practices. Many forums become tight-knit communities filled with love and mutual support. More...


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A Transitional Life

Added by Rita 19 Jan 2007 (address: www.transitionalife.blogspo... )

Musings on being a human in today's world. More...


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behind the blue sky

Added by Bidisha 3 Nov 2006 (address: )

My thoughts and observations More...


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Clairvoyant Psychic Readings

Added by psychic 20 Nov 2016 (address: )

Our website allows you to research your zodiac sign. Live psychic readings online 24 hours daily. Connect with spiritual advisers that know how to map out your astrology chart. More...


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Joanna Ammons- Media Tested Psychic

Added by joanna360 7 Dec 2006 (address: )

Read Joanna Ammons Free Prediictions and look at her blog to see if she has received a message from some that you know who has crossed over. Media tested for helping people worldwide. More...


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Life Magick: Manifesting your Desires

Added by Jo Ann 29 Dec 2006 (address: )

Collection of helpful articles about manifesting one's desires through the use of the laws of attraction, meditation, creative visualization, and affirmation. Includes reviews of books about the topic. More...


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Memoirs of an entrepreneur in America

Added by Starving Artist 5 Dec 2006 (address: )

From the young age of 5, I aspired to be a millionare. THis is my story about the challenges, triumphs, love and death that I have had to face. My soul is open to your critique as I pour my emotions into the chapters of my life. More...


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New Tarot Software

Added by ronggo 3 May 2007 (address: )

This site gives free software demo of their products. More...


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Prophetic Meaning

Added by prophet 17 Oct 2017 (address: )

We are a prophetic ministry in the United States. Our pastors write articles about spirituality and religion. More...


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