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Buying Pre-sale Condos in Toronto

Added by jakmania 21 Apr 2010 (address: )

Toronto Condo: Prior sales of condominiums are called presales. This is where the developer agrees to sell condominium in advance of the building being completed. The benefits of these agreements are obvious if you happen to be the developer. You will have your unit sold well in advance construction being completed More...


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Choosing a Mortgage Broker in Toronto

Added by tajada 23 Apr 2010 (address: )

Toronto Condo: What is a mortgage broker? They are a professional who will help you through the application process to get a loan. Mortgage brokers work with a number of lenders. Once you have completed the application, your file will be evaluated and the broker will then try to obtain a loan for you from one of the companies they do business with. More...


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Renting vs. Owning Your Toronto Condo

Added by ariabianca 21 Apr 2010 (address: )

Toronto Condo: When considering the best alternative, it is important to remember that buying and renting both have their benefits. There are also many negative points to consider when you are trying to make the decision to buy or rent. More...


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Tips For Buying the Right Condo in Toronto

Added by jakmania 23 Apr 2010 (address: )

Toronto Condo: Imagine that you have decided to buy a condo. You're excited to move in. Then you get the bill for the association fees. You didn't know you had to pay up immediately for unforeseen snow removal. You messed up. You didn't read your contract before you signed the papers. More...


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