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Androstenol Pheromone

Added by madge21 24 Dec 2009 (address: )

AndrosteNOL (abbreviated “nol”) is a pheromone found in fresh sweat of human males and females. It is considered to be less powerful that the other types of pheromones, but that doesn’t make it any less useful than the other ingredients commonly used in pheromone colognes and perfumes. More...


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Androstenone Pheromone

Added by shiimi 23 Dec 2009 (address: )

AndrosteNONE (Abbreviated “none”) is the first original pheromone to be found and sold. It is only useful for heterosexual men, because it has no attraction effect on other men. It can smell like bad body odor or smell like an aftershave depending on a person’s genetics. More...


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Androsterone Pheromone

Added by rachel 23 Dec 2009 (address: )

AndrosteRONE (abbreviated “rone”) is another one of the older pheromones on the market right beside AndrosteNONE. In recent times, use of AndrosteRONE in different pheromone products has become more common. More...


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Liquid Trust Review

Added by palmer4 22 Dec 2009 (address: )

Read our Liquid Trust Review before you go on to purchase this product. It's important to know what this product is good for and what it's not good for. For more information visit the Pheromone Cologne blog. More...


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Pheromone Cologne

Added by madge21 3 Dec 2009 (address: )

Find out the truth about pheromone colognes that are on sale on the market today. These products can be your hidden secret to picking up women with no effort. More...


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