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Added by CarleeWalker 10 Feb 2016 (address: )

How many pastors wife's do you know end up being meth addicts?. This blog has made me sit down and really think about what pulled me down, my weaknesses, my relationship issues, my addiction, and my recovery. Now, almost nine years later of living normal life, I'm ready to share every dirty, honest experience with my journey through addiction and life in recovery. More...


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Meth Treatment Florida

Added by ErlindaA 14 Jul 2009 (address: )

Treatment of meth can be one of the most challenging. Although, many addicts get over the acute effects quickly, its ongoing effects are what tend to cause a relapse. The ongoing cravings for meth can last six to eight months for non habitual users and two the three years for regular users. More... | Other people's descriptions of this link


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