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Do you want a leather diary?

Added by michaelreese 22 Jul 2009 (address: )

If you’re interested in purchasing a leather diary, then you should look no further than You can easily find some beautiful, handcrafted, high quality leather diaries, with prices starting from $12.95. There are a wide range of leather diaries such as peanuts diaries, locking diaries, quoted diaries, refillable diaries, all made from genuine leather. More... | Other people's descriptions of this link


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Added by wandmoore 20 Jan 2010 (address: )

This Fair Earth is EPO verified trusted ethical website selling a range of handmade, ethical gifts including jewellery. Kazuri beaded jewellery is handmade in Kenya, and increasingly popular for its vibrant colours and stylish designs. Available to buy online now! More... | Other people's descriptions of this link


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Do We Still Keep Diaries and Journals?

Added by joe 24 Jan 2010 (address: )

The value of keeping a personal diary is simply priceless; with all your thoughts, secrets, memories and emotions thrown in, it can be the best ever confidant! More...


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Fine Keepsakes-Leather Journal, Photo Album

Added by james peterson 3 Nov 2009 (address: )

Get Finekeepsakes' beautiful geniune leather scrapbooks - Embossed, designer, antique, handcrafted, leather spine, leather cornered scrapbooks with plain. More... | Other people's descriptions of this link


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Handmade Journals : Handmade Leather Journal Tips

Added by brettlee0028 23 Feb 2010 (address: )

After assembling a handmade leather journal, discover different ways to decorate leather journals. Learn to make handmade leather journals with tips from a craft specialist in this free video about how to make journals. More...


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Recommendations on Caring For Your Leather Journal

Added by nimbus 12 Mar 2010 (address: )

A leather journal may be considered as your best friend. Why, you ask? This is because it is on your leather diary that you are able to write about your innermost secrets and other private information that you want to just keep to yourself. For as long as you store your diary in a secret place, you'll need not worry about other people learning about your secrets and desires. Your journal is More... | Other people's descriptions of this link


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What better gift than a leather scrap book?

Added by joeblack 23 Jul 2009 (address: )

Is your wife’s birthday coming up and you don’t know what to give her? Do you want to surprise a friend with a special gift for his graduation? You should definitely consider purchasing a leather scrap book, one that is made from genuine Italian leather and has an embossed design. There are some wonderful scrapbooks presented online by, with prices starting as low as $11.99. More...


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