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SITE Santa Fe

Added by MSL89 4 Aug 2006 (address: )

Showcases some of the best contemporary art in the country. The SITE Biennial attracts collectors, curators and museum directors from around the country. SITE Santa Fe recently had a significant show of leading digital artist, Jim Campbell's work, or paintings by the Leipzig group of artists culled from the Rubell Collection, as well as local Paul Sarkisian. More...


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SITE Santa Fe contemporary art exhibitions

Added by MSL89 23 Mar 2007 (address: )

SITE Santa Fe exhibition page. Current and past shows. More...


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Catherine Opie photograph - California Coast, Ship and Whale, 2006

Added by MSL89 23 Mar 2007 (address: )

A great diptych in an edition of 10 by Catherine Opie produced to support SITE Santa Fe More...


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Laura Heon appointed Director of SITE Santa Fe

Added by MSL89 26 Oct 2006 (address: )

PDF version of the announcement of the appointment of Laura Heon as director of SITE Santa Fe as of summer 2005. Includes background info on Heon and SITE. More...


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Art:21 . Josiah McElheny . Biography . Documentary Film | PBS

Added by MSL89 29 Sep 2007 (address: )

Good web page with images of Josiah McElheny's work. | Clipped from Google: Art:21 Art in the Twenty-First Century is a new PBS documentary series about contemporary visual art in America and the artists who make it. More...


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Paul Sarkisian Show at SITE Santa Fe - Press Release

Added by MSL89 29 Aug 2006 (address: )

SITE Santa Fe press release about this well-known Santa Fe artist's significant work in a major exhibition at SITE Santa Fe in 2005. Some information about his background but no links to his works. More...


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