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1. - Original reporting and commentary on politics, news ...

Added by Dnace 10 Sep 2006 (address: )

Wonderful source of opinion and news plus great blogs featuring politics, women's issues, and more. | Clipped from Google: The web's best source and online magazine for smart, timely, lively original reporting and commentary on news, politics, culture, and life. More...


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Truthdig: Drilling Beneath the Headlines

Added by MSL89 23 Oct 2006 (address: )

Web magazine founded by a reporter which addresses many of the news stories with indepth web reporting and opinion pieces including a scathing view of the War in Iraq by Pat Tillman's brother, a ranger who fought in Afghanistan. More...


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Aaron Russo's Movie called "America: Freedom to Facism"

Added by Katie 24 Nov 2006 (address: )

This movie will undoubtfully give you nightmares for years to come. It is just that scary what is in this Movie. It will for ever change your mind on your beliefs of what is really going on today in our World. More...


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Anti-Tax T-shirts

Added by TheSurfer 17 Apr 2009 (address: )

If paying your taxes makes you miserable, at least these shirts will give you a good laugh. More...


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Atheist Alley

Added by Chuck4141 19 Nov 2009 (address: www.sarahlaimbeer.blogspot.... )

Funny opinion blog from an atheist who uses humor instead of vile rhetoric. More...


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Burnett's Urban Etiquette

Added by JamesB3 2 Mar 2007 (address: )

If you want a forum for comment on popular culture, manners, and old-fashioned good sense, Burnett's Urban Etiquette is for you. The author, James Burnett, is a 30-something culture journalist, and through his adventures reporting on ineresting people he shares his observations on how we treat each other...versus how we should. It's fun. It's funny. And you'll always find a friendly debate. More...


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Do you believe in the after-life? This will test your faith or unbelief...

Added by NO_DOUBT 28 Oct 2006 (address: )

Important information that you will have to truly hear to believe. Check it out. Experience the videos, today! More...


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Founding Fathers

Added by Patriot 5 Dec 2010 (address: )

Political, social and economic commentary. More...


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George W. Bush - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Added by Waki 4 Oct 2006 (address: )

The George W. Bush page on Wikipedia. | Clipped from Google: Open-source encyclopedia article provides personal, business and political information about the President, his policies, and public perceptions and ... More...


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John Edwards for President Website

Added by MSL89 5 Nov 2007 (address: )

Official website for John Edwards for President Campaign. More...


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