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Added by sukanyarawat56 18 Oct 2008 (address: )

This is a great blog site created to make you aware of fraudware programs that will infect your computer. More...

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AvCare – It Cares About Stealing Your Money

Added by Miguel V. Bailey 17 Aug 2009 (address: )

AvCare and other rogue security programs cause poor functioning of your PC largely due to the enormous amount of system resources they use. AvCare, spyzooka, antispyware More...

Think Spywareprotection2009 is a Reliable Security Tool?

Added by Ca11cater 21 Jul 2009 (address: )

Spywareprotection2009 is just like the others, it is not capable of performing what it claims. More...

Effectively Removing Barracuda Antivirus

Added by Paul3Pauli 21 Jul 2009 (address: )

Barracuda Antivirus is proficient in the art of reporting false positives. More...

Error Easy Was a Big Mistake

Added by Horac3Jump 17 Jul 2009 (address: )

If you would like to find out if Error Easy or any other malware has infected your computer, visit to learn about their free computer scan. More...

PCPrivacyDefender is a Scam

Added by Pat23Blac2 8 Jun 2009 (address: )

If you would like to know if PCPrivacyDefender or any other malware has infected your computer, then visit to learn about their free scan. More...

Rogue Security Programs Like AVAntispyware Require Immediate Removal

Added by noracut11 3 Jun 2009 (address: )

AVAntispyware claims to remove malware and other dangerous software, but is actually responsible for placing dangerous threats on your PC. AVAntispyware, spyzooka, antispyware More...

Renus 2008 – A Clone That Should Be Removed

Added by Win565nx 6 May 2009 (address: )

When Renus 2008 is installed, it will start up each time you log in to Windows and should be removed immediately to avoid further problems. More...

You Can Remove Systemdiagnosispopup From Your System

Added by Harry E. Sanchez 4 May 2009 (address: )

While on your system, systemdiagnosispopup will create a host of problems. More...

Error Doctor 2009 Is Not the Doctor You’re Looking For

Added by Vale2John6 23 Apr 2009 (address: )

Buying Error Doctor 2009’s full version only puts your credit card information into the very hands of the people that duped you in the first place, putting your identity at risk of theft on top of it all. More...

What is NetNucleus, and How Do You Eliminate It?

Added by Cli2dam3 18 Feb 2009 (address: )

NetNucleus is considered to be in the adware category, which are programs that facilitate the delivering of advertisements to your pc. More...

eXPress Antivirus 2009 Is a New One on Me

Added by Dorian E. Simkins 5 Feb 2009 (address: )

When you try to shut down eXPress Antivirus, it keeps popping back up with an unwanted scan. More...

Ridding Your Computer of BHO.amo

Added by David Roberts 19 Jan 2009 (address: )

Spyware like BHO.aml can slow down your connection, slow down your programs, and even cause your computer to crash. More...

Please Avoid Win Protector

Added by jam45ha33 16 Jan 2009 (address: )

Win Protector is a rogue anti-spyware program that is very dangerous to you and your computer. More...

Sadbiz (BHO.agy) Can Make You “Sad” and Even Destroy Your “Biz”

Added by t3rr13af0 14 Jan 2009 (address: )

Sadbiz remains resident in computer memory, and does not quit until it takes up your bandwidth and slows your PC down to a snail's pace. More...

Why Advanced Privacy Guard is Not a Good Thing

Added by j133ycf1a 12 Jan 2009 (address: )

Advanced Privacy Guard is a fake, so be warned and don't pay them! More...

Tame the BHO.alw Beast

Added by a11c1a3s3 12 Jan 2009 (address: )

If the BHO.alw is installed by a Trojan application, it can notify hackers when the TCP port is open so that hackers can gain access to your personal information. More...

Do Not Trust PC Antispy.

Added by Albe4RAho2 6 Jan 2009 (address: )

If you can find a company your can trust, like Spyzooka, then you can get rid of PC Antispy without any major trauma. More...

The Truth About Antivirus 2010

Added by bre76be86 30 Dec 2008 (address: )

There are certain signs and symptoms they may indicate that you have been visited by the Antivirus 2010, which is a member of a very well-developed fake security software program. More...

Pcprotectioncenter2008 Offers Anything But Protection

Added by st3ph3nmr 24 Dec 2008 (address: )

If you do wind up with an infection, you have been sold short by your antispyware program. More...

Don't Be Afraid – You Can Reclaim Your Computer!

Added by MaR13Ba660 19 Nov 2008 (address: )

Look into all the tips, tricks and remedies to rid your computer of unwanted intrusions. More...

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