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Sports News Feed

Added by gordonross 5 Jan 2010 (address: )

Latest sports odds, live scores and sports betting news. View match ups, latest lines and standings. More... | Other people's descriptions of this link


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Artsiom Parakhouski college

Added by curtiscarltonl 22 Jan 2010 (address: )

Parakhouski plays ball for no-name Radford University. He’s 6-11 (or 7-1 – depending on who you ask), Belorussian, and didn’t know English – or how to dribble a basketball – 5 years ago More... | Other people's descriptions of this link


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Basket Ball : How to Shoot a Three Point Shot in it?

Added by sally 4 Aug 2010 (address: )

3-Point Basketball Shooting Tips & Ideas The three-point shot is one of the most exciting and dangerous weapons in basketball. A good long-range shooter can wreak havoc on opposing teams by stretching the defense away from the basket, opening up the lane for drives and passes to the post. More...


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Basketball Autographs For Sale

Added by dillardbob 27 Aug 2010 (address: www.basketballautographsfor... )

Autograph collecting is a fun and potentially lucrative hobby. But the value of a collection all depends on the condition of the pieces within it. More...


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Basketball Dunking Game - Play Online

Added by peny 24 Jul 2010 (address: )

Basketball Dunking Game - How to Play it Online? The dunk is probably the most exciting and popular play in basketball. The NBA all-star weekend includes a contest focused solely on how artistically a player can stuff a basketball into the basket. Dunk fever has spread throughout all levels of basketball, from the college game down to kids playing on height-altered hoops. More...


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Basketball Fan Souvenirs

Added by isaacrowcroft 27 Aug 2010 (address: www.basketballfansouvenirs.... )

Basketball gifts are perfect way to show your appreciation to either your fans or friends who are basketball fanatics. Even you're not into basketball yourself More...


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Basketball Jerseys, Gifts, Apparel

Added by birthright 3 Jul 2009 (address: ) provide the latests news about your favorite players and teams. Jerseys, shooting sleeves, shoes, equipment, memorabilia and more are available on More...


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Basketball Teacher - Basketball Instructional DVDs & Videos

Added by nancymarshal 1 Dec 2008 (address: )

We offer our customers with the finest basketball instruction through instructional DVDs, VHS tapes and books. More...


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Basketball Teacher - Basketball Shooting Techniques

Added by nancymarshal 30 Nov 2008 (address: )

We offer a solution to decline in shooting, based on the discoveries Tom has made since 1989. More... | Other people's descriptions of this link


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Basketball Teacher - Youth Basketball Skills & Shooting Drills

Added by nancymarshal 1 Jul 2008 (address: ) delivers on it's promise to provide you with the finest basketball instruction for all ages and skill levels. More...


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