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Do you want to participate in a poetry contest?

Added by johnrooney 14 Sep 2010 (address: )

Many people in this world have the ability to write amazing poetry. Their inspiration may come from love, form the surrounding environment or just from walking down the street, but their creations can blow your mind due to their originality and the message they send to their readers. Do you consider yourself to be one of the people that write something beautiful? More...

american poetry
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poetry writing
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submit poetry
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Poetry competition gets the best out of everyone

Added by michaelreese 14 Sep 2010 (address: )

One of the most efficient driving forces in any field you can think of has always been competition. If you have more than one person in a room, all trying to do something in order to achieve the same goal, each of them will try to perform best in order to top everyone else. The same goes for those people that engage in poetry writing. More...

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