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Contractors Insurance Coverage Company

Added by beachins 10 Aug 2010 (address: )

Contractors insurance gives protection for a basic contractor, developer, or builder, in addition to its workers and brokers, in opposition to lawsuits, liabilities, bills, or other prices which will consequence from a claim against the building or property. Examples of those claims include but are not limited to roofing or electrical failure, faults, leaks or security issues. More...

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Contractor Liability Insurance

Added by Liability Insurance 9 Sep 2010 (address: )

Insurances for contractors are full coverage plan supposed to safeguard contractors while conducting their business. Having coverage will decrease the risks to the enterprise of the contractor by altering it to into his assurance company. This coverage grants a security net if any untoward incident happens in the job. More...

Why contractors need to be covered during project construction

Added by morton olin 11 Aug 2010 (address: )

Just like any other business construction is also full of risk and eventualities which no one can predict. Best one can do is to take a contractors insurance policy to cover these risks. What all can be covered can be described in three major heads: 1). Office Insurance – This covers matter related to employee and public Liability, 2). Professional Indemnity – More...

Different kind of construction Insurance Policies

Added by beachins 10 Aug 2010 (address: )

It is absolutely necessary for a contracting company to get themselves insured against different kind of eventualities that they might face during construction directly effecting profitability of their projects. Different kinds of policies offered by Insurance companies are as following: a) More...

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